Custom Canvas Prints

Turn Your Photo Memories into
Custom Canvas Wall Art Prints

This all started more than 10 years ago when I wanted to turn some of my favourite photos into canvas wall art I could share with everyone that visited my home.  I also wanted to liven up my walls with my own images so I could look at them and remember the time I took that particular photo, and they also make a great talking piece especially when it's your own image.

Now you can do the same with any of your images.  Be they travel, birthday, wedding, family or any other photo you would like to hang n your wall.  They can be mounted in any configuration you like from a single panel up to five panels.  Not all photos suit all configurations so I will help you with your choice to make sure you get the best looking canvas panel print wall art to hang and show.

My photo onto a custom canvas wall art panel print

How do I get started?

  1. Click the orange Contact Us tab you will see on the right of this page and send a quick message telling us what you want to create and we will reply within 12 hours (most times even sooner) with some more information.
  2. Send us your photo in a reply email. We will make sure your image is professionally treated by our artists. We will do any work needed to remove red-eye, brighten, sharpen, and colour-correct to make sure your image looks the best it can when mounted on canvas.  We will send a proof of your image within 24 hours to get your final approval before proceeding.
  3. After your approval, your print will be created and delivered to your address within 14-21 days (most times even sooner)

We edit your photo to make the best canvas panel print

We pride ourselves in personalised service to make sure you get the best possible product we can create, that's why we don't use an automated canvas creation system like many others. Sure, those systems have their place and can be easy to use, but for the best possible artwork to hang you need personalised service to make sure it's just right.

custom wedding photo canvas print

What are the image specifications for printing custom images?

We recommend that you send the biggest, highest resolution image you have (the image should be clear at the largest size). As a general rule of thumb, we suggest that the image is at least half the size of the canvas size you're interested in (i.e. — for a 300cm×150cm canvas, we would prefer the image to be at least 150cm×75cm).

What file format images can I upload to Photos to Art?

You may upload photos that are formatted as “jpg”, “tiff”, “pdf”, or “png”

What size canvas can I have my images mounted onto?

You can have it mounted onto any style of canvas panel print you like. As I mentioned previously, not all images suit all frame configurations so I will help you with your choice.  Once you have emailed your image through to me I will look at the layout and confirm your choice or suggest something more suitable.

Will I receive a proof before my image is printed?

You can expect to receipt a proof of your touched up image within 24 hours.

What is the delivery timeframe for custom artwork?

Most orders are delivered within 8-16 business days from the date you approve your proofs.

Click on the orange  Contact Us tab on the right of your screen so we can help you create a lasting memory today