Buy with Confidence
when you purchase a
canvas wall art print
from Panel Prints

So you’re looking for something to brighten up your wall and room. Thank you for stopping by our gallery to consider one of our creations. Choosing the right décor for your home, apartment, office, or any room you would like to decorate is an important part of creating the right atmosphere for you, your family and your guests. At Panel Prints, we like adding new dimensions to rooms by dressing your walls! Walls are often neglected or poorly dressed, but you don’t have to invest a fortune to make a huge impact!

We offer stunning designs which will complement and enhance your walls and décor for a fraction of the cost of originals – you will save hundreds of dollars, guaranteed. We are also in the unique position of having partnered with a professional photographer with over 30 years media experience who is providing images with exclusive copyright, so you won't find them anywhere else. We are continually adding new designs, one way to keep updated is to follow us on Facebook. Browse through our gallery and you will discover stunning wall art in a wide variety of styles and genres.

All our creations have a 30-day money back guarantee if you aren’t completely happy with your investment. You may be wondering why we can offer these stunning creations at the most affordable prices you will find. Well, you can rest assured it has nothing to do with the quality of our product. We have strict quality control guidelines which must be followed, that’s why we give our 30-day money back guarantee. The real reason we can offer these prices is; except for a couple of small home offices and a solid working relationship with our creations factory in China, we operate entirely online. We have no physical gallery or inventory warehousing costs which inflate most canvas art prices, instead, we have a well-designed, monitored and maintained order placement, production and fulfilment system. When you place an order with us you may not see what happens behind the scenes, but put your mind at ease, we are personally handling your order every step of the way until it arrives at your doorstep ready to hang. You can even follow your shipment our tracking service.

All our beautiful designs can be supplied in any format you desire. For instance, if you like a particular image but would prefer it to be in a different format (say 5 panels instead of 3), simply contact us and tell us what you desire. We will be happy to make it for you, do keep in mind it could delay the delivery by a few days.

Our mission is to make every room in your home come to life with a breathtaking canvas Panel Print.